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Ice Cream Powder

Product Origin: South Africa
PriceTerms: FOB and CIF
Detailed Product Description:


High quality cream-p1.html" style="text-decoration:underline;font-weight:bold;" target='_blank'> ice cream powder with high milk content low fat, high nutrition

ICE CREAM POWDER not only makes the ice cream feeling in the mouth similar to a Kentuckey and McDonald and even surmounts them,

The common soft ice creams are at most split out 60 pieces ice cream. Maikeku soft cream powder can split out 80 to 120 pieces ice cream, leading this tread by 8-10 years in domestic.

This kind of technology and the formula are from the US, which has studied ice cream technology for more than ten years and made it best in the world. The ice cream technology makes the ice cream taste similar with Kentuckey and MacDonald, and even surpass them. It not only increased output by entirely one time, but also reduced the cost of producing ice cream.

Flavor: milk, strawberry, pineapple, vanilla, chocolate, taro, melon,

orange, banana, apple, blueberry, mango,yoghurt, coconut.

We can also make other flavor to your order!

Description of goods

Proportion of

powder & water


Super expanded soft ice cream powder

McDonald 1:2.5


Super expanded soft ice cream powder

A: 1:3


Super expanded soft ice cream powder

B: 1:4


Yoghurt soft ice cream powder



Expanded hard ice cream powder



Traditional hard ice cream powder




milk powder , sugar, concentrated whey protein,

dextrin, emulsifier, guar gum.


Fat 11%

Protein 7.7%

Sugar 45%

Edible essence 0.01%

Shelf life: 12 months

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